Getting Started

We're here to help you get started on ensuring the digital content, products and services you create or acquire are accessibile. 

Who is Responsible for Accessibility?

Digital accessibility is the practice of ensuring that Ohio State’s websites, digital services and digital content can be used by our community who have a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight or cognitive abilities. Accessibility is a shared concern for anyone in the Ohio State community who has a hand in creating, sharing, purchasing or acquiring digital resources and includes the following groups:


Faculty should create accessible digital content and resources. This may include online syllabi, instructional materials (handouts, lecture notes, presentations), research materials, and public websites.


Students should makes their course materials accessible to everyone in their class or group. This may include adding captions and sharing accessible documents digitally.

Content Creators

Content creators who create and publish text, images, video, and audio must adhere to accessibility requirements when creating and publishing digital content.


Designers who are responsible for visual and interactive design must account for diverse needs when designing user interfaces.


Developers who are responsible for programming websites, web applications, and use digital content must follow accessibility specifications when building and testing sites and applications.


Managers responsible for specifying and managing projects should make sure accessibility requirements are integrated into product specifications, as well as project planning and resourcing. For example, if you are contracting with a vendor, all products supplied by that vendor must be made according to digital accessibility standards.

Annual Training

All Ohio State faculty, staff and student employees who produce digital content or acquire digital products are required to take annual Digital Accessibility Policy training. Employees will be notified when the training is assigned to their transcript in BuckeyeLearn and must complete the training by December 31.

Accessibility Considerations for Digital Content and Products

Learn more about how to address digital accessibility when producing digital content or acquiring/building digital products.