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Digital Accessibility is the ability for people with disabilities to effectively and efficiently access digital resources with substantially equivalent ease of use and timeliness. Digital Accessibility Services provides resources and assistance to those producing digital content, acquiring or building digital products, or who are serving as a Digital Accessibility Coordinator.

We work together with the ADA's Digital Accessibility Center to support the Digital Accessibility Policy and achieve Ohio State's accessibility goals.


Our Goals

Our key focus is to fully implement the Digital Accessibility Policy by December 31, 2023 by pursuing five related goals. This is what a digitally accessible Ohio State would look like:

  1. Training: All faculty, staff and student employees who acquire, develop or deliver digital information or services have completed the appropriate accessibility policy and skills training.
  2. Implement/Upgrade: The university reviews digital products for accessibility before release.
  3. Legacy Assessment: The university assesses legacy digital products for accessibility and creates strategies to fix identified issues.
  4. Managing Assistance Requests and Complaints: All faculty, staff and student employees know how to handle accessibility assistance requests and complaints.
  5. Reporting: Each campus, college and VP unit submits annual scorecards to report on the state of accessibility in their unit.

Other Accessibility Roles at Ohio State 

Digital Accessibility Coordinators

Digital Accessibility Coordinators are appointed by their respective units to play a significant role in helping their units successfully implement the Digital Accessibility Policy. Log in to the Digital Accessibility Center's website to view Digital Accessibility Coordinators in your area.

ADA Coordinator's Office

The ADA Coordinator's Office ensures university compliance with state and federal mandates, processes accommodations for staff, faculty, and visitors to the University, and addresses reports of disability-based discrimination on campus.

Digital Accessibility Center

DAS works together with the Digital Accessibility Center to support the Digital Accessibility Policy and achieve Ohio State's accessibility goals.

Through their staff and services, the Digital Accessibility Center supports the campus community and the ADA Coordinator's Office by providing accessibility expertise, interpreting policy, setting technical standards, investigating complaints, and performing audits.

Student Life Disability Services

Student Life Disability Services collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life.