Acquiring or Building Digital Products

All digital products must be verified to ensure they meet Ohio State's accessibility standards. This includes any product that is: built (whether built in-house or by hiring a third-party vendor to build to Ohio State’s specifications); purchased from a vendor; or acquired for use.

What is a Digital Product?

Digital products include any software, freeware, computer or mobile application, website or other digital service used by the university community.


How do I ensure Digital Products are accessible?

Digital products must meet Ohio State's Minimum Digital Accessibility Standards (MDAS) which adopt the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at conformance level AA as a minimum standard.

Note: If you are creating content to post on a website or application, please review the Producing Accessible Digital Content page.

Contact Your Coodinator

Each unit has its own unique process for implementing digital products, whether built or purchased. When starting the process, please contact your unit's Digital Accessibility Coordinator to ensure the proper process is followed for your unit.


Training and Resources for Builders

If you are a web or mobile app developer, skills training courses and resources are available to assist you in learning how to build accessible websites and applications.

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Accessibility Testing

BuckeyeLearn Skills Training Curriculum

This curriculum explores accessibility concepts, the steps in the evaluation process, and various accessibility testing techniques and methodologies. Contains 18 BuckeyeLearn Modules.

Evaluation Tool

A tool to help identify accessibility errors on websites.

App Accessibility

BuckeyeLearn Skills Training Curriculum

This curriculum explores how to identify accessibility problems in native mobile apps and how to code them with accessibility in mind. Contains 3 BuckeyeLearn Modules.

Web Accessibility

BuckeyeLearn Skills Training Curriculum

This curriculum explores digital accessibility concepts and their application in the development and testing of web sites and web applications. Contains 11 BuckeyeLearn Modules.

BuckeyeLearn Skills Training Curriculum

This curriculum explores digital accessibility concepts and their application in designing web sites and web applications. Contains 4 BuckeyeLearn Modules.

Accessibility Fundamentals

BuckeyeLearn Module

Learn how to create a compelling, enjoyable, and useful user experience for people with disabilities.


Assessing the Accessibility of a Digital Product

An accessibility evaluation needs to be done for ALL digital products, whether purchased or built. The level of scrutiny to which a product will be subjected depends upon its risk level in the Ohio State Accessibility Risk Management Framework. Some lower-risk products will only require a basic accessibility evaluation, while higher-risk products will require a more rigorous, comprehensive evaluation.

Accessibility evaluations generally increase both the time and money required to implement a digital product. Plan accordingly for your project timeline and your budget. All evaluations must be completed and, if necessary, an approved exception must be in place, BEFORE a product may go live.

You can also search for the product within our Accessibility Evaluation Results List [MS Excel] to see if the product you are implementing has already been evaluated.



Do I need to get an accessibility evaluation for a free digital product that I want to download?

Yes. Accessibility evaluations are required for all digital products, regardless of cost. The only exception to this rule would be for a product that was going to be used only for personal productivity, and whose output would not be used by individuals other than the person downloading the product. Check with your unit’s Digital Accessibility Coordinator before acquiring any type of digital product to ensure it receives the proper type of accessibility evaluation.