Producing Accessible Digital Content

Anyone, including faculty, staff and students, who creates or publishes digital content at Ohio State is responsible for making it accessible.

What is Digital Content?

Digital content is any content delivered by using technology including, but not limited to, websites, electronic documents, audio, video, and computer and mobile applications.


How do I make Digital Content accessible?

Ohio State is committed to fostering a campus culture of diversity and full inclusion of people with disabilities. For digital accessibility, this means ensuring that all faculty, staff, and students can access our digital information and services in about the same amount of time and with roughly the same ease of use as someone without a disability.

Training and Resources

Although creating digital content can be challenging at times, resources are available to assist you in learning how to make various types of common digital content accessible.

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Assistive Technology


Assistive technologies are tools that help you accomplish tasks.  Most people will use assistive technology at some point in their lives. Many people use them, even if they don’t consider themselves to have a disability. This guide is a brief overview of many common assistive technologies in use at The Ohio State University.

Document Accessibility

BuckeyeLearn Skills Training Curriculum

This curriculum explores techniques for creating accessible office documents, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and basic PDF files. Contains 4 BuckeyeLearn Modules.

BuckeyeLearn Skills Training Curriculum

This curriculum explores techniques for creating accessible PDF documents, from simple letters to complex forms. Contains 3 BuckeyeLearn Modules.


A starter guide on accessible writing, semantic structure, color contrast, data tables, alternative text and descriptive links. 

Video and Multimedia Accessibility


Guidance on Ohio State's approach to live captioning in response to COVID-19.

Email Accessibility


A guide on best practices for creating accessible emails.

Review Process

Units may have different processes on accessibility reviews before digital content is published. We recommend contacting your unit's Digital Accessibility Coordinator to find out the process your unit follows for digital content reviews prior to publication.


For questions about producing accessible content, contact DAS at